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Welcome to the world of culinary refinement with VIOS Fleur de Sel, a masterpiece of artisanal salt harvesting. Sourced from natural sea salt pans and kissed by the Greek sun, VIOS Fleur de Sel is the epitome of purity, flavor, and sophistication.

Why VIOS Fleur de Sel?

Purity at Its Peak: Harvested by hand, our Fleur de Sel is meticulously gathered from the delicate salt crystals that form on the surface of salt pans. This ensures unparalleled purity and a taste that transcends ordinary salt.

Mediterranean Essence: Immerse your dishes in the essence of the Mediterranean. VIOS Fleur de Sel captures the unique character of Greece, adding a touch of luxury to every bite.

Exceptional Texture: Revel in the exquisite texture of our Fleur de Sel as the salt flakes gently crunches between your fingers. This delightful texture enhances the overall dining experience, making every meal a moment to savor.

Culinary Versatility

Finishing Touch: Sprinkle a pinch of VIOS Fleur de Sel on your favorite dishes just before serving to enhance their natural flavors and add a hint of sophistication.

Gourmet Cooking: Elevate your culinary creations to new heights. VIOS Fleur de Sel is the secret ingredient that transforms your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary.

Unlock the Art of Flavor

Indulge in the world of VIOS Fleur de Sel and unlock a symphony of flavors in every meal. Elevate your dining experience and redefine your kitchen with the touch of Greek luxury.


“Where Culinary Excellence Meets Pure Elegance.”

 – Net weight: 300g –